Blogging Ball

Seeing as how we’re too cheap (and quite literally too poor) to purchase our own domain name, we’re going to use this free WordPress account to try to get the blogging-ball rolling. I cannot promise a constant update on here, seeing as how of right now, I’m the only one blogging for the band (this is Caroline, by the by). I will encourage the others to jump on and post though, especially Kurt (that man really does have a way with words)! I will do my best as gate keeper, and if we get hits, fantastic! I will keep a birds eye on the stats page and cross my fingers for a few reads a week, but even that might be too much to ask for. Really, we just want to try and document as much as possible; This is going to be our memory bank, so when pictures are absent, we can still envision our many adventures, no matter how old and decrepit we get (This is all in assuming the internet is not obsolete by the time we’re 80).

If you feel inclined to join in, please do! Questions, comments, and bitching are all quite welcome 🙂

You can go to our “About Us” page to read about the meat and potatoes that make up Mon Cheri if you’d like, and because I can… here is a video clip as well, for your listening/visual pleasure (from our “Colors of Love” Debut CD Release show ! ):


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