Cheers to being alive!


We had an absolutely, insanely, awesome show Friday night at the Skylark in Seattle. Consensus (amongst the band) was that it was the best show we’ve ever played. The energy on stage was so hyped up it reverberated out to the crowd who was extremely responsive, attentive, charming, cheered louder than ever, bought our songs off of iTunes from their iPhones as we were singing (so cool!), clapped loudly, became silent on our quiet songs, smiled and grinned at us, bought CDs after the show, and gave us more compliments in one night than I think we’ve ever had (insert big breath here). Not only that, but damn does that sound guy know what he’s doing; we had never sounded so clear through the monitors as we did that night.


Some cool/funny things happened while we were on stage too: Pat played the guitar with his teeth, we played a new song (no confirmed name yet, we call it Mon Cheri’s Opus for now) for the second time ever and got some of the loudest hoots and hollers (thus boosting our song-esteem convincing us it’s a goodie), Kurt stood on his bass, Pat and I mixed up the verses to a Beatles song but pulled it off so that the audience actually thought they were singing it wrong, I semi-sat on Kurt’s head (on accident) and I was wearing a dress and it literally went over his head (as he was bending down to unplug his bass) and I was so embarassed and am just so happy/thankful he never looked up (heaven-forbid!), and we danced a lot and just had a darn-tootin grand time! We also had a TON of friends show up (and family!) making us realized we are SO blessed to have such avid supporters of our music and our dreams 🙂 We also got to stay with some AWESOME friends who have an AWESOME band (The Globes: ) and we drank until 4 in the morning, laughing and goofing and having fun 🙂 Love those boys!


I do blame much of the good vibes and extreme happiness on a rather scary incident that happened though, after about 3 hours of driving as we came to the end of the Pass on our way to Seattle:

Quite literally, Pat and I had a 50/50 chance of getting seriously injured/possibly killed on the highway that day. There was a red car one lane to the left of us, and 2 lanes to the right there was a mini van with an open trailer (stuffed to the brim) hitched to the back of it. Paramour’s “Hallelujah” just came on and I was looking down at something in my lap when all of a sudden I heard squealing tires. The red car in front of us was slamming on it’s breaks (do keep in mind we’re going 70 miles per hour). Not realizing why right away, I look over to the right to see the van fish-tailing and tossing the trailer hitch all over the road (hence the red car squealing to a halt). All the while the trailer hitch was dragging on the road, sending sparks up ALL over the place. As I watched the trailer get more out of control, we began to slow down (though with the car packed full of band gear, we weren’t slowing very quickly, not to mention we didn’t want there to be anyone behind us that could wreck into us) and then it happened: the trailer came UNHITCHED from the van.

Now, this scenario could have played out two ways: the trailer could come unhitched as the van was fishtailing towards us, thus tossing us right into the fury of the trailer, or it could come unhitched as it fishtailed away from us.

In the blink of an eye luck decided to be on our side, and the trailer unhitched right as the van fishtailed away from us, sending it splaying off the side of the road tossing it’s contents everywhere as it crashed into the trees and bushes.

I just remember looking at Pat once we finally came to a stop, my blood coursing through my veins, my limbs shaking, my breathing irregular… and we started “Oh my GOD”-ing and I think we high-fived and “Oh my GOD”-ed some more, and then we smoked a cigarette (even though I don’t really smoke) and for the rest of the drive into Seattle, we were on the edge of our seats and SO thankful to be alive.

We told that story to the crowd that evening, and everyone raised their glasses to being alive, and we now have a very good story and a great reminder as to why we are doing what we’re doing, and why we shouldn’t EVER stop 🙂

Oh, and to top it all off, Kurt’s tire blew out as he was driving home from Seattle the next morning (while he was going 70 miles per hour)…

So, once again, let’s raise our glasses to being alive, to be doing what we love, and to keep on trucking even in the face of danger!!!



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