New and Old

I know that lately we’ve been avoiding singing some of the songs off of our “new” CD, but let me explain!

Pat is a music-writing-junkie; He wakes up with new songs in his head, he writes them while he showers, while he’s sitting on the toilet, while he’s making himself breakfast and coffee… you can’t stop him! Then sometimes I squeak out a song, maybe some lyrics, Kurt will write some insanely good words, and we get so excited about the newness, that we mildly forget about the oldies-but-goodies.

When we play a set that’s 2-3 hours long, you will hear everything, I promise! (Come to our Zola shows, we play roughly a 2 hour set. The next ZOLA show is JULY 27th around 8 PM!)

When we play a set that’s 45 minutes long… well… then we have to start choosing which songs we want to sing which leads to indecisiveness, band squabbling (mostly silly squabbling of course), groaning about wanting to play them all etc. etc.

We want to keep you happy though, as an audience. We want to play music you can sing along to, but we also want to show you our works-in-progress! We want to test it out on you, see how it jives, see if it makes you move, or if it moves you period.

So, in an instance that you’re at a show and you haven’t heard “the song” yet, don’t be afraid to holler out a request! However, do know that we are really excited to have you hear the new songs, we want you to try and welcome them with open arms, a fresh outlook, but don’t be afraid to tell us if you like it, or hate it, or are indecisive and need to hear it a few more times before you can really tell us off 🙂

We do this for us, because we are in love with it, but we do this for you too, we want you to love it as much as we do, scouts honor.




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