A Little Change Goes a Long Way

It’s difficult sometimes, to get people to jump on the “band wagon” when you’re really passionate or excited about something. I know it’s also hard to get passionate about something that you don’t know much about, that is why I’d like to talk about something near and dear to my heart; Safety Net

The company I work for, Quisenberry, has started an organization called Safety Net. It’s an organization that is going to help out Foster kids who, by law, have to leave the system as soon as they turn 18. This means that the Foster program gives them a little bit of money and sends them on their way: no more guidance, no more support, no one for these kids to turn to when the going gets rough…

I personally cannot imagine where I would be without my parents. Maybe some of you can relate more, but I have grown up with two loving people that were always there for me no matter what. When I couldn’t pay a bill, they stepped in and helped out (and continue to do so!). When I needed to buy books for college, they loaned me the money. When I needed to go to the dentist and didn’t have the funds or the insurance to pay for it, they happily contributed to help keep me healthy. Foster kids over the age of 18 don’t have any of that though. They reach that age and suddenly are “adult” enough to survive all on their own. Problem is, surviving on their own is much harder without someone to fall back on. They often turn to unhealthy habits, trying to be an adult but so vulnerable at the same time, and things start tumbling down around them. What if we all could stop the downward spiral though? What if we could step in and provide money for minor medical bills, to replace a tire on a car, to buy them a bus pass? Well, we can.

I invite you to join me at the Safety Net kick-off fundraiser/auction this AUGUST 6th, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. There is going to be live music, an auction, artwork, food and drinks, and the opportunity to contribute to a good cause and have fun doing it! It’s at the Patsy Clark Mansion (which is absolutely beautiful) and all you have to do is RSVP (click here to RSVP) and come have a good time. We’ll talk more in depth about the program without boring you, and we’ll talk about the “Change Parties” that we’re planning on having to raise money.

Mon Cheri will personally bring large mason jars to EVERY SHOW from there on out to collect any extra pocket change you might be carrying around. Like I said, a little change can go a long way 🙂 So if you cannot make it to the kick off party, please come with your pockets full when Mon Cheri is performing!



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One response to “A Little Change Goes a Long Way

  1. Jeff Jenkins

    Hey Caroline,

    It sounds like a great cause!

    A little bird told me that you guys were being called “the best band in Spokane”. Good for you guys. That is awesome. I’ve tried to get in touch with Pat for a few months now but you guys just must be crazy busy with work, music, and life. Sounds like you are all having fun. Keep up the great music.

    – Jeff

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