The Good, The Bad, and the… Awesome

Shows can end up a couple of different ways, but my general consensus is that they are either good, bad, or awesome (radical, if you prefer). You also can’t appreciate the awesome without the bad. That being said, out of the hundred or shows that we’ve played (I might be exaggerating, but I think we’re nearing that number) I can only recall 2 bad shows, but about 15 – 20 awesome-radical ones, and the rest have really been good. Thus far, I’m liking our odds 🙂

So we played a show in Sandpoint on the 16th, and unfortunately it made it’s way into the #2 spot on the “bad” list. Just in case you were wondering what could constitute as a “bad show” I’ll give you a little explanation (at least from my point of view): 1- I couldn’t find Pat when we needed to start our set, so I left looking for him, but he showed up while I was off searching for him, thus I became the culprit to starting our set late (which doesn’t make us look very good). 2- It was Bingo night in the bar we played at, making us 45 minutes late to start, then add #1 to our start time and we were waaaaay way late. 3- Sound sucked. Period. Thank goodness we had Parker there to shove the sound guy off the system and take over (and I’m not being mean here, the guy sitting at the sound station openly admitted to not having a clue as to what he was doing, and he was glad Parker took over!). 4- Then again, having Parker control sound meant he couldn’t play the keys with us (which he does on occasions, and we love it). 5- Due to the sound screeching at the beginning of our set, about 1/2 the room emptied out; not. a good. feeling.

So all of those things added up and changed the vibe between the four of us (not to mention I was seething that Pat ran off so he could meet William Fitzsimmons, that’s why he was late to our set. Kurt had to keep me in check. Haha). We are also the type of band that completely plays off of “vibes”, so it really just wasn’t an on night for us after all the beginning shenanigans. By the time I left the bar I was a little miffed, really sweaty (no AC), and we only sold 1 CD. Bummer.

Then we had a show last night at Zola, a show that refreshed our vibe and onstage jive, and it made me realize that the shitty Sandpoint-type shows are totally worth it!

This is how last night went, and why it ended up awesome-radical:
1- Zola has a phenomenal sound system; we can tweak it to how we like it, and we can make it sound gooood, thus helping us sound as good as possible. 2- SO many of our friends and familiar faces showed up! We LOVE the support, the smiles, the dancing, and the carefree attitude our closest friends bring to the table. We feed off of that energy, and it comes out through our playing. 3- Zola treats us very well, and we got plenty of refreshing beverages (and even a couple shots of tequila) while sweating balls up on stage. 4- It was hotter than hell, but it actually added to the whole ambiance of the show. It implied that we were playing hard, and that’s always a good feeling! 5- The audience was so responsive! We got hoots, hollers, and even song requests! 6- After the show there was a lot of hugging, and high fiving, and more drinking, and even a little dancing… the night was just perfect!


So overall, even though we have the occasional bad show, I fully believe that we NEED them in our little musical lives; Those shows are stepping stones to the better, and livelier ones.

THANK YOU to all the friends, family, new faces, dancers, song requesters, Brandon the bartender, and ZOLA to making a magical night happen for us. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!



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