First and foremost, a physics lesson:
If Trailer A weighs over 400lbs while Bass Player B weighs 110lbs, what would be the required decline for the Trailer (A) to be positioned on so that it, once moving, would be unable to be held by Bass Player B?
The Answer: Vin du Lac Winery. Chalk up another near-death-experience for the band.
This weekend was, however, totally fantastic and worth every rolled ankle, smashed apple tree, and spider bite. Brandon, Caroline, Karyn, Pat and myself all crammed into Pat’s RAV4 and traveled to Chelan, WA. on Saturday to play for some folks at the Vin du Lac Winery. The owner, Larry Lehmbecker, is one of the most gracious people we have met on the road. He fed us, lodged us, entertained us and invited us back next year.
The audience was wonderful as well.Laid back and braving triple-digit weather, people came out and replaced lost fluids with wine. The bachelorette party that sorority-hopped from a limo on to the winery during the early set gave us our first dancers of the evening. However, a slow-dancing couple of the later set took the award for endurance, lasting through 3 TUNES!
I can’t say enough about the Vin du Lac wine, food, service or setting. . If you happen up to Chelan, it is a must-stop. As well as Tanti Baci Ristorante. Best Brunch Buffet Ever!
After a safety meeting and more wine, we all went night swimming in Lake Chelan, including Larry and his niece, Natalie (who happens to play an incredible fiddle). Then it was snack time and off to bed in our tent.
In order to maintain a positive attitude in this post, I left out the negative aspects. Such as: Two giant spiders in the gazebo onstage, Brandon’s battery dying during a long exposure of the north star, a trailer almost running over me and then scratching Pat’s car the next day, Sleeping with no pillow, a wine-hangover I never knew I could have.
But Mon Cheri’s good-list always outweighs its bad: Karyn coming along! Convincing Pat to use the A/C, not being underneath a run-away trailer, amazing giant spider photos, gentle groundskeepers, Jean-Claude the Dauge, magical guitar-pick kung fu.

Pictures now updated: We have proof of this absurdity.

Thanks again to everyone we had contact with in Chelan, it was a truly fantastic experience.

Mon Chéri

Grab a bottle of Vin du Lac Wine at Huckleberry’s in Spokane. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Marie Francis

    Oh my gosh, those spiders!!! HOW did you guys stand it? I would’ve SCREAMED through the song lyrics! Heheh… it’s wonderful that you had such a great time there, so glad you did.

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