Too Hard, Too Fast


Bellingham, to say the least, was insane. Having the duty of writing this post has my skin crawling because I don’t even know where to begin. I’m trying to wrap my head around all the insanity that ensued while there… so I guess I’ll start from the time we arrived at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern:

We rolled into Bellingham around 5:45 PM on Saturday, 3 hours earlier than set up and sound check time, only to find a locked and closed door and not a single soul in sight at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern. I peeked inside just to make sure it was still a business and I saw what appeared to be wood shavings all over the floor?? (Ends up they were peanut shells, but hey, how was I supposed to know?) I also noticed that all of the 11 x 17 fliers we printed off and sent to them (paid for out of Pat’s pocket) were all for naught: there wasn’t a single one in sight. Not even one up in their window where all the other show posters were.

Nervous that we just drove 6 1/2 hours for nothing, I went to the restaurant/bar next door and chatted up the hostess. Luckily she admitted to knowing the owner, in which case she then picked up the phone and called him, leaving him a message to let him know “the band” was here (which made me feel kind of silly, because we’re not that big of a deal, we just wanted to make sure we still had a show to play!). Feeling a little more at ease just knowing it was still an open business, we decided to take a load off and have a drink while we waited. Our nerves were getting the best of us, however, and after one drink we all decided to take a walk around town to see what it could have in store for us.

Herald - Bellingham

Now do keep in mind I’m quite elated when it comes to all of this band stuff; I’m having the time of my life, traveling around to cities where I know no one, only to play awesome shows with awesome people, making new friends, eating good food, crashing on people’s floors, staying up far too late, having dance parties in the street, making memories that I want to last forever. Thus when we sauntered past a tattoo shop, I decided I knew the perfect way to remember it permanently: by putting it on my skin 🙂 Chameleon Ink Tattoo shop is now forever a memory, both because Mark FountainBlue the tattooist and Josh the piercer were SO welcoming and nice and even gave me a discount on my tattoo (asking if I would just plug them at our show, which DUH, I was happy to do!) and because they were involved in permanently inking something special to me on my skin.  They even CAME to the show that night, and bought CDs, and Mark even scheduled a tattoo for Pat for 9:00 am the next morning (working on a Sunday?! Awesome people, seriously).

[Caroline getting tattooed before the show]
Getting Tattooed!


[Pat getting tattooed at 9 am the next morning!]
Pat gettingTatted at 9am

Tattoo: check. Green Frog finally open: check. Time to play a show: check!


Everything about the show we played that night was awesome: People were very responsive with their hooting and hollering and clapping along and singing along to songs they knew. Jimmy was there to support the band, along with Anna and Ryan from Seattle! Kurt’s friend Mike Schomburg took door money for us. Brandon kicked ass on the drums. Pat and I sang our hearts (and our throats) out. Kurt played his bass like crazy. It was just a super energized show!

We also got a lot of email addresses from people that want to know when we’re coming back (that’s our new email address book, pen, and pencil holder, hehe) and we sold a couple CDs! (coool!)

New email Sign Up stationary!

Not to mention the band had unlimited free beer (but I only had two, because it ends up I was drinking beer with 11% alcohol… sheesh. Two was more than enough!) We also played a total of three sets (from 9:15 to 12!!!), and during one of our breaks, Kurt was outside smoking and someone threw a water balloon at him!!! (wtf Bellingham, seriously?!) After all of that we were tired, hungry and ready to go get some Russian Dumplings which everyone told us were amaaaazing. Boy were we in for it!

[I don’t remember why Pat was making this face, but I felt it was necessary to document it.]


So we show up to this sort of hole in the wall dumpling place and inside there are three college-age people working, and we go up to order our dumplings and one of the girls walks around the counter and puts on a Talking Heads record! Not able to resist it, we all started dancing, and before I knew it we had all three workers OUTSIDE on the sidewalk dancing with us! Then a ton of really drunk people started passing by, and some joined in, some went inside to get food, and a couple had been at the show that night and were just wasted beyond belief. One of the girls jumped on Kurt’s shoulders, grabbed my boob, grabbed Jimmy’s face for a “funny” picture, got up on a table, invited us out to a party… holy hell! It was craziness. Kurt almost gave one said drunk person the shirt off his back because they were cold, a couple people were walking around selling homemade cupcakes, extremely drunk guys were spinning in circles yelling “ding ding ding ding ding!” and waving their arms around … I mean, it felt like we were on another planet!





By 1:30am, we were entirely beat and found our way to Brandon’s friend’s house where we then crashed on the living room floor. I didn’t even care that there were spiders lurking in the corners I was THAT tired.

Needless to say, the weekend was phenomenal. It’s a mark in our music books for one of the weirdest but most fun little tours yet! I hope I covered everything, but if you by chance were there and can remember anything at all, feel free to remind us!

My head is spinning now, but THANK YOU BELLINGHAM for showing us a grand ole’ time! We love you!









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One response to “Too Hard, Too Fast

  1. Tiffany

    I really loved your band, style, sound, charisma and ink! Thanks for coming to B’ham and then blogging about all the cool (and not so cool) stuff that happened to you while here! You forgot to mention the cheesecake cover some sexy redhead paid to Michael to get in. Looked like you enjoyed it as you dug right into it with your forks. Yeay!!! come back soon! Love ya

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