Cohesion in Chaos

Lately I’ve been listening a lot to the new Muse CD. If you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend that you do so.

People always ask us (Mon Cheri) to label ourselves and proclaim the genre of music that we sing. Is it Pop? Folk? Indie? Jazz? We are often left with our mouths pursed in thought, trying to figure out what to say.

You see, I find it difficult to compare us to anything mainstream (whether that is for better or for worse, I cannot say) and I sure as hell can’t say what “single” type of music we sing. It can be “pop-ish”, and sometimes a little “folk-sie”. We delve into some “jazz-ier” pieces, and I’m sure some day we’d love to sing the blues. So why stop at just one genre?

I want to expand our musical horizons by doing what we love: making music. If one of these days we wake up and feel the need to write a symphony, we might. Who knows? Because we are staying true to our emotions, thoughts and feelings, it is what will shine through most brightly when people listen to us and watch us perform.

I’m curious though, for those of you who have seen and heard us: what do YOU think we are? What would you compare us to? How would you label us?

I’ve brought this up because a few people mentioned to me how we can’t be everything when it comes to music – people won’t be able to follow us – our music will be too chaotic and not cohesive enough. Oddly, I find that writing many different types of songs CAN be cohesive if they are all sung and performed by the same band. This is mainly why I brought up Muse. The album’s last three songs are symphony pieces, but the album mixes orchestral music with rock, and some eerie-ness thrown in here and there. I’m entranced by this album because it changes things up, keeps me alert and listening, makes me feel something different with every song that plays.
READ HERE to see what Muse had to say about this album before they released it!
I applaud Muse for stepping outside of the genre box, and I hope that some day we can follow, even just a little, in some of their same footsteps.

I know, in my dreams eh?

Seriously though, I’d like to know your thoughts are about us. Whether you email us or comment below, I don’t care! My curiosity is just piqued.

Oh, and just a friendly reminder we’re going to be at the Spokane County Interstate Fair this weekend! Come check us out on the North Stage (on your way to the animals) on:

Saturday September 12th @ 7:00PM
Sunday September 13th @ 12:30PM and again at 4:30PM.




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