Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Many events have lead me to put my Wordpress writing on hold, but I’m baaack! Let’s see what has happened lately:

We played a show in Clarkston (Kurt’s home town!) for an extremely successful Oktoberfest at the Stone House Coffee Co. It was 45 degrees outside, I was in a skirt and forgot to wear leggings, and it was raining/misting. However, 3 songs into our set I was already removing my jacket (thank goodness performing gets my blood pumping) and we ended up having a blast! We all had really good beer, ate some awesome bratwurst, and shared a great day with the people of Clarkston. Kurt’s parents even invited us back to their place where they fed us dinner, let us relax by the fire, and allowed us into their hot tub. 🙂 It was glorious! Thank you to all at Stone House Coffee that helped make the event a success. Especially you Robin, you were so great to us!

After that event,  we played a Monday Zola show, and then Kurt and Pat took off for Berkeley for the World Poetry Slam (in which Kurt competed!). After five days of California they came home and we had a last minute show scheduled at the Knitting Factory, opening for Secondhand Serenade! It was so weird playing at the same place I just watched Gogol Bordello perform the night before (which, by the way, was one of the most fantastic shows I have EVER been to. If you missed it, I highly recommend that you make sure you see it the next time it comes through your town!)

The Knitting Factory crew was so good to us, feeding us burritos and beer (thanks to the amazing Robyn!!!) backstage before going on 🙂 To the band that played after us though, I’m sorry we went 6 minutes over our set. Seeing as how there was not a single clock in sight we really had no idea, and no one told us “last song” or anything. And to that band’s manager, I’m really, extremely glad the sound guy didn’t listen to you when you told him to just cut off our sound… Your band will get their half hour of glorious fame. I promise. We really didn’t do it on purpose.

Seeing as how it was a Monday night, the second we finished that show at the Knitting Factory we rushed over to Zola where we then played from 8:30 to 11:30 (same as every Monday night, always free, always fun!) and we sang “Jason B Goode” for our friend Jason’s birthday (which I’m sure he doesn’t remember… haha) and we trampled through our set even though we were semi tired.  Brandon played an absolutely spot-on drum set, while Kurt killed it on the bass, Pat rocked it on the guitar, and I did my best not to croak through the words! I don’t think we even eluded to the fact that we were tired, but my feet hurt like bloody hell when we got done. Worth it, you ask? I think yes!

Now October is almost halfway done with, and we have quite a few really fun shows coming up!

Monday October 19th we’ll be at ZOLA! Free as always 🙂 8:30 to 11:30

Friday October 23rd we’re going to be in SEATTLE! At EGAN’S BALLARD JAM HOUSE! We don’t get up on stage until 11:00 PM, but if you live in the area please come to the show and enjoy some brewskies with us and have a good time! It’s only a $5.00 cover, so let all your Seattle friends know!

Monday October 26th ZOLA!

Friday October 30th, as announced on the Sandpoint radio station, we’ll be opening for Jonah Smith at the Panida Theatre in Sandpoint! Show starts at 8:00 PM. You can go check out his music here: Jonah Smith on MySpace

Now, I have some really exciting news for Halloween! OCTOBER 31st at the BLVD many fun shenanigans are going to ensue!!! First, at around 6 or 7 there’s the Peek A Boo Ball where they have some VERY special guests performing: Pegasus Dream, Glasgow Kiss, and HOCKEY!!!! They’re going to come rock faces off for an early show, then the rest of the night looks a little something like this:

Halloween Bash

That sums up the rest of our October for now. Who knows what will come up last minute 😀 All I know is that we’re having an absolute blast doing what we love. Thanks for all the support you guys, WE LOVE YOU!!!





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2 responses to “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

  1. dan woodsy

    aren’t you guys the beatles, like, every night?

    • moncheriband

      we wish! only for a couple songs 😉 , but the halloween show we’re gonna be ‘ZOMBIE’ Beatles alllllllll night.

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