Dancing out of this funk!

Seasonal Affective Disorder, you cannot keep us down!

It’s time for Mon Chéri to step out of hibernation… and we’re going to do it the best way we know how: with a little pep in our step!

Winter wasn’t so bad since we didn’t have to endure 9 feet of snow again here in Spokane. We played a lot of fun shows, got the opportunity to go over to Seattle and such.

No near death experiences.

No major fallouts.

Yes, we’re still a band.

I know the writing has been sparse, but that’s all about to change. Most importantly: WE FINISHED OUR EP! After a lot of critiquing, re-recording, mixing, un-mixing then re-mixing… it’s finally finished. Jae Hamm rocked it, and we are proud to present our new 6 song EP: Mélange. The big release date is set for Friday, March 19th  at the Empyrean (formerly the Big Dipper). Show/party starts at 8:00, entry is $5, but if you pay $8 you get in PLUS you get our EP and some snacks. Bangin’ deal eh?!

Another big/fun event recently took place as well (The Sommy’s!) and we are proud to say that we are the winners of 4 Sommy awards(!): Best Live Performance, Best Album, Best New Band, and Band of the Year 2009! (Just to clarify, last year at the Sommy’s, only Wayne Patrick and Caroline Francis were a band and were nominated. We did not have Brandon Vasquez or the name Mon Chéri in 2008. MC was put together in 2009, so the nomination for best new band 2009 was fair, but we’re sorry about that confusion.) We were/are high as a kite about our wins, and about the entire evening as a whole! At the same time, we were a little let down by a few of the “boo’s” that resounded after our name was called out… Let me just say that we know that every musician out there works hard in Spokane, there is no doubt about that. I think any one of those bands that were nominated in any of the categories deserved to win, honestly. The winners were decided by fan votes though, and I think we just got a lot of word out through all of our Facebook posts, Twitter posts, MySpace posts, mass emails, and by word of mouth. It’s not like we could vote for ourselves over and over again! (If you voted, you saw how strict the voting system was) so I was really thrown off by the fact that there were some people out there that had the audacity of actually booing us. (Some did it jokingly, but some did it with such fervor it was hard to tell…) However, that was their prerogative, and we’re going to keep doing what we do, not because we win awards or don’t win awards, but because we LOVE playing music. I would have been just as happy walking out of that awards show with nothing but a good buzz and my band mates by my side. So I suppose that means you can boo us all you want, but it ain’t stoppin’ us! (There, I’ve said my piece about that. I feel much better now.) Oh, and really?: It’s all just for the fun of it!

So now we’re gearing up for the EP release, we’re getting ready for a little radio interview this Wednesday, we’re writing more tunes, booking more shows, getting our summer tour in order (heading down the West Coast to LA! Check our MySpace in the future for a show near you! www.myspace.com/moncheriband) And still, we’re all working our day-to-day jobs, celebrating birthdays (Kurt, Karyn and Pat!), hanging out, and enjoying life 🙂 We hope you all are too! Much love, and we hope to see you March 19th for the EP release!!!



PS – Here is a link to the FIRST EP REVIEW !!!  ===click here===



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3 responses to “Dancing out of this funk!

  1. Priscilla Vermilion

    YYYAAYYY for you guys. I’m stoked for the EP! grats on the sommys! i voted for you :).

    I’ll do my best to make it to the release show.

    WAY TO GO!!!

  2. John Sanderson

    I think most people would agree that Mon’ Shitti winning band of the year is hilarious.

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