This CD release party…

As I lay here voiceless (lost my voice this morning) I reflect upon the happenings of our CD release party a week and a few days ago in attempt to document/journal about my thoughts and feelings on how the whole thing went down, so I can remember the details at a later date and share with you as well:

Dear WordPress,

How are you? I’m ok I guess, thanks for asking! Well last week-ish ago my band Mon Cheri had our EP release at the Empyrean in Spokane WA. I remember a good omen that day when I went to get gas before the show, allow me to enlighten you 🙂 … Well whenever I fill up I play a little game where I try to finish right on the dollar amnt, not a penny less or more (i.e. $10,15,20). Ever try that? Well, I consider it my own form of good luck on days that I get it rigghhht on the money, and I got it right on $15 that day! Hellz yeah, good luck day for me right? Silly I know.

Anyways, after we got the party food stowed away at Empyrean that afternoon I went back to my apt and lo and behold I wrote some new songs! Yay. Threw some clean clothes on (sorta) and I was out the door with my axe in hand and some tunes in my head.

I arrived to the empyrean only to find some chump had already put his DJ gear on MY stage! 😡 oh wait noooo it was just my friend Benjamin “Jammin” Jorgens gear! Ok cool, I can dig. Google that dude. We then made what we call in the ‘biz’ a ‘mega-mondo-stage’. It’s basically where you get as much electronics/gear onstage as possible.

After all that hard labor and sweating we then cracked open some cold costco beers and it was smooth sailing all the way home. The End!

What was that wordpress? Uh, you wanna hear the whole story?

Oh about the show? Gotcha.

After a round or two or nine we got up and set all the food out. By now some people were showing up, so the door guy got into swift action. Adam Breeden did sound that evening and it couldn’t have sounded better. Thanks again if you read this.

Anyhooooo, everything got set up and dialed in with the band and the DJs. We busted out a few sets with The DJs causing some filthy dance parties to occur intermittently between and after said sets. Super filthy. Kurt Olson IS A sex machine both on and off stage. Brother can dance. We didn’t do such a bad job ourselves in the “alteration of paticipatory ass shaking as evidenced by audience enjoyment” department either.

Oh yeah, did I mention all of the best people in Spokane were at the show that night (pssst our friends, fans, and family) 😉 . You guys rocked it! Thanks for picking up the EP. From the final count at the door, I calculate there coulda been anywhere from 110-180 people in the room, but probably not all at the same time.

Does that answer your questions wordpress? Oh yeah one more thing, thanks again to Chrissy and Michelle, Benjamin and Matt, Adam Breeden, Emily Creek, JJ Hammmmmmm, and Shea for helping out. If I forgot someone that helped with something I’m sorry, it’s 230am and I’m sick/tired.

ANNNNNNND, if youre reading this, we survived the Ides of March! Woot.

Have a nice Easter. My birthday is coming up btw.

Gift ideas: 1)booking us a show in California, 2) METAL 3) cookies 4) The Kurt Olson How To on Dance Moves vol II: Intermediate 5) A baby shark + aquarium

Jk 😛



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  1. Dan from days

    WOW … WOW … I repeat … WOW … the talent is wonderful. The group is effective for the full musical experience. Good music, good playing, good times. Mon Cheri is GREAT! Count me in!

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