TOUR: Days 1 – 5

WHERE: Seattle & Portland

It says a lot when you can spend 8 hours in a car with 5 people and not get sick of each other. It says a lot more when you plan on spending two weeks with these 5 people, non-stop, and KNOW you’ll still get along by the time you get home.

Tour thus far has been fantastic. Seattle shows at the High Dive and the Hot Topic in the Alderwood mall were great. We played with the superb Lemolo and Paper Astronomer Wednesday night at the High Dive. Everyone in MC agreed that we got damn lucky to have such great acts to kick-start the tour. I highly recommend you check them out, and try to catch any one of their shows if you ever have the chance. We also want to applaud the sound guy (sorry, your name has slipped us!) at the High Dive. Your title holds true! I hope we get to play there again 🙂

I think the boys are still drooling  over Kory Kruckenberg’s house, bless him for letting us stay for two nights in a row! Best breakfast place: Patty’s Egg Nest!

Both Hot Topic gigs, one in Seattle at the Alderwood Mall, and one in Portland at the Klakamas Mall, were a success. We sold some merch, took photos with fun people, and even got to see sweet Madalynn and Katie at the Portland show! No matter how much people laughed at us for playing in a mall, the fact of the matter was that we made gas money and some new fans! Mission accomplished 🙂

The Alberta St. Pub (our early 6:30 show, right after a little Chipotle) was the ideal venue. The accoustics were warm and inviting, the church pews for seating were fun (and ironic: church pews in a bar?!) and a lot of our friends and family showed up to support us! I finally felt at home at this venue, and we played our hearts out. Of course, afterward, we had to walk across the street to go eat GOURMET grilled cheese sandwiches on an old school bus… can you say amazing!? (photos to come, I forgot to bring my cord to plug in the camera to the computer!) And how nice was it to shower that night for the first time in 3 days, boys?! Haha. Katie, Madalynn and Ryan: YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO US! They put us up in Aerobeds, gave us clean towels, kept us entertained, and let us crash two nights in a row at their place. (So far, tonight is the ONLY night on the entire tour that we will have to pay for a hotel room!) And how could we NOT love Madalynn; singing all of our songs and constantly requesting “Carorine’s Song”… we were smitten 🙂 OH! And if you’re ever in Portland, you would be doing yourself a favor if you stopped in to the Kennedy School for some drinks. I simply cannot explain the glory of it, you have to see it for yourself! And eat at the Chez Machin Creperie: DELICIOUS to the max!

Now we’re ending day 5: an 8.5 hour drive from Portland to Eureka (the 101 is AMAZING), driving through part of the Redwood Forest, stopping at a random beach to chase the waves and finally arriving at our hotel to relax and gear up for the rest of the drive (and a “tourist” stop at the tree you can drive through) to SanFrancisco tomorrow!

This trip really has been a treat. ESPECIALLY with having Benjamin Jorgens on board with us. He makes loading and un-loading so much easier, and it’s a bonus he looks handsome in our t-shirt 🙂 Really though,  all 5 of us in a Rav4… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SanFrancisco: We’ll see you Tuesday at the Grant & Green!

Sherman Oaks: We’ll see you Wednesday at the Cordiale Cafe!

LA: We’ll see you Thursday at the Viper Room!

Sacramento: We’ll see you Friday at Luna’s Cafe!

Portland (again!): We’ll see you Saturday night at the Ash St. Saloon!

High fives all around!




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