TOUR: Days 1 – 5

T minus 23 days and we start recording with Kory Kruckenburg in Seattle. That means that by Spring of 2011, we will have a brand new album to put in your grubby little hands! Sometimes it takes something like this spicy information to make me want to write again. I am an on again/off again blogger, and for that, I apologize! I just need to start scheduling Sundays as my blog days, eh?

So we have quite a few new songs that we’ll be putting on this record, and some of them we have never even performed live (well, at this point we haven’t performed them live… but we have band practice this Sunday and we MIGHT be treating our Monday night ZOLA crowd to a couple new tunes!)!

I really can’t even begin to explain the excitement boiling up about this soon to be new album. Kory lives in Seattle and we are making trips over during the weekends to record with him. Here is why (check out his samples of bands he has recorded. SO F*ing RAD):

I don’t know if you recall, but we also stayed with him for the first two nights of our very first tour. So not only can he produce wicked music, but he’s extremely hospitable, and absolutely fun to hang out with. Bonus after bonus, and we’re damn near ready to move in with the guy (har har, just kidding… but seriously Kory, got room?).

Today, all of this news (plus some really awesome news that we can’t spill the beans about… yet!) has got me nearly bouncing out of my chair. Perhaps it’s the change in the weather too (we went from cold fall weather back to 80 degrees… so nice). I’m also stoked about a show we’re playing tonight at the Masonic Center: Dirty Martinis for Clean Water. (Listen to our Podcast with Down To Earth NW here: ) Talk about a great benefit show for a great cause. Keeping the Spokane River clean is vital. I mean, I remember playing in the river when I was younger, and I remember how much fun it was. Is it so bad I want that for my children someday? This whole benefit helps keep that idea feasible. It has even made me want to volunteer and go clean up garbage, want to join me?

We also can’t ignore the fact that tonight is TERRAIN here in Spokane. This will be the 3rd annual event, and it’s going to be a party. Brandon Vasquez even has some photos that will be displayed! GO BV! October sure is starting off strong 😉

So now that the wedding is over (Caroline Francis Schibel is now the name!) and Pat is engaged to Emily (swoon!) we’ll have a lot more time to focus on band stuff, like writing more often in this blog and such. We look forward to keeping you updated, and you know we absolutely love getting your feedback. So don’t be shy, leave us some comments! Ask us some questions! We’ll get back to you, we promise 🙂

By the way, any good ideas for our new album name?!




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