Recording! MTV! Beer!

October was great. No, October was RAD. Not only were we contacted by Ourstage to tell us we won the Needle in the Haystack for the first week of November (hence we’d be on MTV Music’s blog), but we were also contacted by Hello Music who not only personally called us, but they also gave us a HUGE report on how they thought we were as a band (as a whole), what opportunities could lie ahead for us, things they love about us, things we could work on etc. It was mind blowing the amount of work they put into reviewing us and our album Mélange, and they were SO knowledgeable, and honest… I truly feel like there is some hope for independent artists out there in this world! As a company, they sat down in a room and listened to our album… how nerve racking, and cooool! So to everyone at Ourstage, MTV and Hello Music: THANK YOU! YOU’VE ONE-UPPED YOURSELF TO OUR DANCE PARTY LEVEL!  Also, thank you to Bekkaa from The Sound Alarm for releasing an amazingly in-depth review of our EP, you GO girl! More people should do album reviews like you! (Links to all reviews are on the right of this blog)

You know what else is rocking? RECORDING! I don’t know that we can say enough about how awesome Kory Kruckenburg is. We’ve recorded many hours (I think in the 4 days total, we got 35-ish hours worth of recording done…?!) eaten a lot of spaghetti (It’s MC tradition to make spaghetti while we’re there recording!) drank a lot of PBR, saw Pablo Trucker AND Pickwick play (click on them, they’re both amazing bands) and have finished all but some vocals and some guitar parts on 4 songs… HOLY YES! So after Thanksgiving weekend… IT SHOULD BE DONE! (At least the recording part of it, then we send it off to get mastered, and we work on the album art yadda yadda). So the release might move to an earlier date, but of course we’ll keep you posted.

All I can say is that last month made us feel even better about what we’re doing (we love being a band, of course, so this is all the rainbow-chip frosting on the cake!) and we’re ready to just continue being best friends while playing music for fun, and having dance parties in random places. It’s important to us that we don’t lose focus of WHY we’re a band: friendship, music, love, and free beer on occasions. Ha. Seriously though, we’re having the time of our lives, and thanks to ALL OF YOU OUT THERE READING THIS we will be able to continue to do it. CHEERS!

Caroline and Mon Chéri


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  1. Ron

    Caroline, Pat, Kurt & Brandon –
    KUDO’S to you!!!! You guys deserve all the success that’s coming your way. You are all great people and I’m excited for you!! Rock on!


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