TOUR – Day 1 – Lewiston Idaho @ La Boheme

Playing a SOLD OUT SHOW at La Boheme (best way to start tour!) that also happened to have the absolute best coffee; Having the bar owner Nathaniel get up and play violin with us on a couple songs (he killed it!); Picking up our new “tour manager/roadie” Zach; Having quite possibly the most attentive audience we’ve ever had; Playing one of the most heartfelt shows we’ve had in a long time; Realizing why we do this.

The drive to Lewiston is short, so we were pretty amped when we arrived into town to set up for our acoustic sold out show 🙂 We knew immediately it was going to be great, seeing as how upon walking in the owner offered us Cutthroat Porters and wine, telling us anything and everything was on them tonight! LaBoheme is such a neat little place, VERY intimate, but comfortable and nostalgic. I was a little thrown off at how NICE everyone was, smiling and waving and telling us how excited they were to see us! This of course was all thanks to Zach and Nathaniel, who not only booked the show, but told anyone and everyone they knew to come AND got them amped in the process! It was so cool knowing that everyone was there to see us, excited to see us, and we had never even played in Lewiston! To top it off, Zach had a couple guys come in to record the show with their fancy HD cameras (which will probably be up on our Facebook soon, so keep your eyes peeled!).


It was so fantastic. We played a set that I don’t think a lot of people have ever seen: completely raw, no sound system to mess with, really just playing our hearts out, feeling like we were so damn lucky to have each other and the people sitting in front of us. It really was sort of surreal. We sold more merchandise at this show than ever before, too, and the purchasers were genuinely excited about it?! We even had someone buy a pair of the American Apparel undies that we never got screen-printed, which he then asked us to sign! Haha, so fun!


Needless to say, this show beat every one of the shows we played last year on tour. It really set the precedent for TOUR #2, and it has left us all in extremely high spirits. We are damn lucky, thank you all SO much for helping us getting here. Cheers!


Now off to Boise 🙂

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