Tour Day 3 & 4

“Day 3” or “How We Feel About Driving Through Utah”


With nothing to do on the morning of day 3, the band joined Noah Beumer at a sports bar in dowtown Boise called The Huddle. It was the Women’s World Cup Final and we were all showing our support for team USA. Apparently, our support isn’t worth much, as Team USA lost to Japan.

Before we could get on the road to Salt Lake City, we had to stock up on groceries. We quickly looked up a nearby Albertsons on Google and took off. However, we followed the directions only to arrive at the Albertson’s headquarters in Boise. Needless to say, they have no groceries to purchase there. We found a real Albertsons and took off along I15 towards Utah.

There are some intensely beautiful landscapes in southern Idaho. But most of the drive was spent trying to keep the 95-degree heat out of the car. Combined with a 7 hour drive, we might have all become a little cranky. Oh, and the Rav’s transmission fluid overheated, forcing us to take a longer-than-usual pit stop at a tiny gas station. After the engine cooled down, we were on the road again and didn’t stop until Utah, where we found out beer is not sold on Sundays: The first of many Utah surprises

We pulled into Layton, a city just north of Salt Lake City where we would be spending the night in a hotel. It was roughly 9 p.m. and it appeared that nothing was open. Being hungry and restless, we were afraid we would be eating a dinner of baby carrots and hotel soap. But off in the distance (a block from the hotel) was an Applebee’s. Certainly not our first choice if given other options, Applebee’s was the only chance at sustenance. We sat down to surprise #2: THEY DO SERVE BEER ON SUNDAYS IN UTAH! but only at select locations. We gorged ourselves on happy-hour appetizers and $1 PBR and headed to karaoke next door, where Pat and Caroline gave rousing renditions of “Fat Bottom Girls” and “Proud Mary”. Then we crawled into bed, excited for surprise #3, a show booked just two days prior at the Piper Down.


Chapter 2…er 4…day 4 Utah chapter 2.


The boys decided to sleep in while Caroline enjoyed the Super Target’s reasonably priced apparel. We all met up at noon to take the Rav to a JiffyLube, where the “technician” told us that the transmission fluid would need to be flushed, a $120 affair. We sat in the lobby and waited for 45 minutes when Pat went to check on the car. He discovered that they had used the wrong fluid for his engine type and that they were sending another “technician” in a jacked-up chevy pickup to a different JiffyLube to obtain the correct fluid. In lieu of waiting another hour in the well-furnished lobby, we instead walked half a mile to the closest restaurant; A taco stand that served giant burritos. Having eaten our fill, we got the Rav back and headed to the hotel to change for the evening’s show at the Piper Down. Salt Lake City was a 20 minute scenic drive from the hotel and we used that time to play one of our favorite road-trip games, which I will explain here.


1.) Take two movies that can be connected through one word in their respective titles:

example: A Few Good Men : Men in Black

2.) Create a plot synopsis in which both movies are described as one film.

example: Tom Cruise plays an attorney who is attempting to defend two marines from being wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t commit. The marines, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, also happen to investigate alien activity on earth in matching suits and dark sunglasses

3.) Wait for someone to guess 🙂

example: Oh! That’s a Few Good Men in Black.



After checking into the Piper Down, we went across the parking lot to eat at Ho Ho Gourmet, a Chinese restaurant that could have used a decent cleaning, but the food was fine and no one fell ill (Utah Surprise #4). Then it was back to the venue where we set up and sound-checked with a soundman who was actually a 2007 Central Valley High School Graduate (Utah Surprise #5). We talked about the strange coincidence of running into other people from Spokane on the road, which awkwardly trailed off into silence.

I can’t forget, there was a giant goldfish that appeared to be trying to give kisses when you got close to the glass, but our tour manager found out that the goldfish was actually trying to attack you; It had killed and eaten every other fish the bar employees tried to put in the tank.

The show went really well. It was our first chance of the tour to play the “rowdy sets”, or “rock”. The bar stuff was wonderful and treated us amazingly. The crowd was loud and energetic and even shook a little tailfeather. We packed up and headed back to the hotel, appreciating our experience in Utah and eager to find out exactly what Las Vegas had in store for us.




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