Seattleton, A (sort of) Home away from Home

Dear Reader,

After an all day drive from LA to Eugene and a much needed night’s rest in a Red Lion (mmmm, thanks Jimmy) the band had yet another trek in front of them. Eugene to Seattleville. Ol’ MC was quite excited about this, as a lot of our friends/family live in the area, AND we wanted to do some hanging out before the gig + get a nice band dinner before the tour was over. Boy did we ever. In Ballard there is a Mexican Restaurant called Señor Moose. Wow. I’ve been there 4 times now and I order the same thing every time: Bistec de Cerdo enchilado. MMM MMM MMMMM. The rest of the band got some good eats as well. Caroline got a very interesting drink that had a pepper in it, kind of a spicy/sweet tequila lime thing. So good.

So the show at Conor Byrne that night had 2 other acts named Thornton Creek and Tremoloco which were awesome! Thornton Creek had some pretty fun songs and brought some peeps on such short notice! Thanks guys 🙂 The guitar player in Tremoloco was out of this world! Dude is seriously on another playing field, wow. Caroline was asked to come up on stage and play with Tremoloco, she killed it. Mr Robles on guitar was a little too intimidating for me to take their invitation to jam. It’s sad, I was probably the worst guitar player in the room that night. Haha! During our set we brought the heat, it was great. We had a very tight, up-tempo setlist planned for all the townies and we literally left them SEAriddddddled with bullets 🙂 . We had a little street fair to contend with that night but it turned out to be pretty choice for us as we decided to enjoy the ride and the last night spent with our Tour-Manager-at-Large and my personal Attorney Zack Dahmen MD. We left the venue with a few albums sold and a few more hearts in-love with the MC darlings. Thanks Conor Byrne, thanks friends, thanks family, thanks fans for coming out. PEACEattle! ❤

Love Pat

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  1. Thanks, Pat, but I’m 100% sure we tied for second that night! Each of us had our own voice, and I really liked yours. It was a fun time, and a good guitar lesson. Hope to see you again.

    – Don from ThorNton Creek

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