About Mon Chéri


Mon Chéri plays a unique brand of indie-retro-pop-rock (seriously), with plenty of nods to the oldies that has tinges of jazz and folk. As evidenced by their dreamy harmonies, they draw influences from artists such as The Beatles, Everly Brothers, Rufus Wainwright, Sondre Lerche, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley and Simon & Garfunkel. After the successful debut of their full-length “Colors of Love,” and their EP “Mélange” (both recorded by Jae Hamm of Iconoclast studios in Spokane, WA), the band decided it was time to move on and push their sound further. They recorded and released their new full length album “Swoon” with Grammy winning engineer and good friend, Kory Kruckenburg and released it in June of 2011

Since its inception as a 2-piece in 2008, Mon Chéri has blossomed into a full four-piece retro-indie-pop band that loves to have fun. Since Patrick McHenry (guitar/vocals) and Caroline Francis Schibel (vocals) added Kurt Olson (upright bass) and Brandon Vasquez (drums) to the lineup, the result can only be described as chemistry at its finest. Watching them perform, one can see their inherent joy and love for the music they play, as well as the friendship and close relationships they have built with each other… it’s infectious, really.

Through all the goofiness, dance parties, crazy shows and having a good time, hard work and dedication definitely aren’t lost on these experienced up-and-comers from Spokane, Washington. In the course of just over three years the band has recorded two LP’s and an EP, they’ve played hundreds of shows, toured the West Coast twice (and then some), and they’ve won various accolades from local AND international media. In 2010, Mon Chéri was named one of the Inlander’s “Best Bands” after already being voted one of their bands to watch in 2009. Then in November of 2010, the band was featured on MTV Music’s blog as the “Needle in the Haystack” band of the week, highlighting their successful music career.

Constantly writing songs, Mon Chéri has well over 50 originals to choose from, but they are also known to throw in plenty of covers by the Beatles, Everly Brothers, and Death Cab for Cutie (to name a few). The band has opened for national acts such as Jeremy Enigk, Eric Hutchinson, Secondhand Serenade, and Jonah Smith, but they’ve played gigs in all sorts of settings including bars, coffee shops, weddings, charity balls, old folk’s homes, wineries and private events. No matter the stage (or lack thereof!), the audience (young or old!), or the circumstances (rain or shine!), the band just loves playing and sharing their music with people.

Mon Chéri’s charismatic stage presence is a must-see, their songs are infectious, fun and heartfelt, and all they hope to do is bring their intoxicating charm to a venue near you, even if that venue is in your basement!

Band Members:
Patrick McHenry – Vocals/Guitar
Caroline Francis – Vocals
Kurt Olson – Upright Bass
Brandon Vasquez – Drums

Contact Information:

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