Tour. 2011. Summer. End of July. We’re debating it, I think. A certain, almost. Not quite. One can hope? Here’s what we’re thinking:

Austin, TX – Main destination. Make it worth it. Ideas?

Shows all along the way. Lots of driving. Worth it?

Or, we’ll just go to LA again.

We need contacts.


In other news. We haven’t written  in 4 months.


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Swooning a Little Love Your Way

I have the urge to cancel our MySpace account… the new design is devastating (the “clean” version takes away a lot of the character that kept MySpace musicians sticking to it). I’m thinking an actual Mon Cheri website is to come soon??? Anyone that could assist in the technical stuff on this would be greatly, IMMENSLY appreciated. We would buy you presents and booze, promise! If you’re interested in helping us out (you don’t need to be a designer, just know how to work the back end of a site?!) PLEASE email us at:

So recording has taken a slow turn due to snow and ice (our last drive home from our Crocodile show in Seattle took us 9.5 hours, not kidding. That’s so scary, especially for a drive that usually takes only 4 to 5 hours!). Now, with all the holidays etc., we aren’t going to be able to get back in the recording studio until early January (probably the 8th and 9th if weather permits)! What to do?! I am concocting new design ideas: new WordPress design, new business cards, the website design, poster designs, and we’re starting to put together ideas for the new album! I hope that can keep us busy during this lack of recording. I could go stir crazy!

Of course, practicing new songs, playing weddings, playing random events and even engagements (swoon!) has kept us busy as well. I admit that playing weddings (and playing WHILE people propose to their significant other!) is one of my favorite things to do. It is one of the most intimate shows a band can play, where songs actually mean something to someone. As a band, we are blessed that people ask us to join them on their wedding days. Their love gets passed on to us, in a way. Not to sound corny or anything *ahem* but I feel like experiencing others love on such a special day brings the band that much closer. We are the best of friends, first and foremost, and we get to keep building that friendship through our music… I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Here are just a couple of photos from the most recent wedding we played (for Jae and Bee) by the most fabulous Sara Renee (please don’t hesitate to visit her site for the full effect, even if you don’t know these people, these photos will make your heart sing: )

Now go enjoy the rest of your day with a smile on your face! And if you didn’t get the chance to see this before Christmas, here is a little song we wrote:

Caroline and Mon Chéri

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Recording! MTV! Beer!

October was great. No, October was RAD. Not only were we contacted by Ourstage to tell us we won the Needle in the Haystack for the first week of November (hence we’d be on MTV Music’s blog), but we were also contacted by Hello Music who not only personally called us, but they also gave us a HUGE report on how they thought we were as a band (as a whole), what opportunities could lie ahead for us, things they love about us, things we could work on etc. It was mind blowing the amount of work they put into reviewing us and our album Mélange, and they were SO knowledgeable, and honest… I truly feel like there is some hope for independent artists out there in this world! As a company, they sat down in a room and listened to our album… how nerve racking, and cooool! So to everyone at Ourstage, MTV and Hello Music: THANK YOU! YOU’VE ONE-UPPED YOURSELF TO OUR DANCE PARTY LEVEL!  Also, thank you to Bekkaa from The Sound Alarm for releasing an amazingly in-depth review of our EP, you GO girl! More people should do album reviews like you! (Links to all reviews are on the right of this blog)

You know what else is rocking? RECORDING! I don’t know that we can say enough about how awesome Kory Kruckenburg is. We’ve recorded many hours (I think in the 4 days total, we got 35-ish hours worth of recording done…?!) eaten a lot of spaghetti (It’s MC tradition to make spaghetti while we’re there recording!) drank a lot of PBR, saw Pablo Trucker AND Pickwick play (click on them, they’re both amazing bands) and have finished all but some vocals and some guitar parts on 4 songs… HOLY YES! So after Thanksgiving weekend… IT SHOULD BE DONE! (At least the recording part of it, then we send it off to get mastered, and we work on the album art yadda yadda). So the release might move to an earlier date, but of course we’ll keep you posted.

All I can say is that last month made us feel even better about what we’re doing (we love being a band, of course, so this is all the rainbow-chip frosting on the cake!) and we’re ready to just continue being best friends while playing music for fun, and having dance parties in random places. It’s important to us that we don’t lose focus of WHY we’re a band: friendship, music, love, and free beer on occasions. Ha. Seriously though, we’re having the time of our lives, and thanks to ALL OF YOU OUT THERE READING THIS we will be able to continue to do it. CHEERS!

Caroline and Mon Chéri

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Amazing and In Depth Reviews/Interviews!! Please Read :)



(((((The Sound Alarm)))))

Love you all,
Mon Cheri

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TOUR: Days 1 – 5

T minus 23 days and we start recording with Kory Kruckenburg in Seattle. That means that by Spring of 2011, we will have a brand new album to put in your grubby little hands! Sometimes it takes something like this spicy information to make me want to write again. I am an on again/off again blogger, and for that, I apologize! I just need to start scheduling Sundays as my blog days, eh?

So we have quite a few new songs that we’ll be putting on this record, and some of them we have never even performed live (well, at this point we haven’t performed them live… but we have band practice this Sunday and we MIGHT be treating our Monday night ZOLA crowd to a couple new tunes!)!

I really can’t even begin to explain the excitement boiling up about this soon to be new album. Kory lives in Seattle and we are making trips over during the weekends to record with him. Here is why (check out his samples of bands he has recorded. SO F*ing RAD):

I don’t know if you recall, but we also stayed with him for the first two nights of our very first tour. So not only can he produce wicked music, but he’s extremely hospitable, and absolutely fun to hang out with. Bonus after bonus, and we’re damn near ready to move in with the guy (har har, just kidding… but seriously Kory, got room?).

Today, all of this news (plus some really awesome news that we can’t spill the beans about… yet!) has got me nearly bouncing out of my chair. Perhaps it’s the change in the weather too (we went from cold fall weather back to 80 degrees… so nice). I’m also stoked about a show we’re playing tonight at the Masonic Center: Dirty Martinis for Clean Water. (Listen to our Podcast with Down To Earth NW here: ) Talk about a great benefit show for a great cause. Keeping the Spokane River clean is vital. I mean, I remember playing in the river when I was younger, and I remember how much fun it was. Is it so bad I want that for my children someday? This whole benefit helps keep that idea feasible. It has even made me want to volunteer and go clean up garbage, want to join me?

We also can’t ignore the fact that tonight is TERRAIN here in Spokane. This will be the 3rd annual event, and it’s going to be a party. Brandon Vasquez even has some photos that will be displayed! GO BV! October sure is starting off strong 😉

So now that the wedding is over (Caroline Francis Schibel is now the name!) and Pat is engaged to Emily (swoon!) we’ll have a lot more time to focus on band stuff, like writing more often in this blog and such. We look forward to keeping you updated, and you know we absolutely love getting your feedback. So don’t be shy, leave us some comments! Ask us some questions! We’ll get back to you, we promise 🙂

By the way, any good ideas for our new album name?!



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Tour: Day 6-12

Our last blog left off at our hotel in Eureka… up next for day 6 was another day off for driving and seeing the mighty redwood forest as we made our way to San Francisco.  We were in for a treat!

Redwood National Forest was such a magical place and we all agreed that we wish there was more time to spend there.  A camping trip would be nice.  However, we did have time to explore and take some photos, get some postcards, and even visit the aptly named “Drive-Thru Tree” (we didn’t even try it with the trailer).

So we made our way back to the highway and continued on to San Francisco.   I believe we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge right after rush hour, and entering the city wasn’t too bad.  San Francisco just seems so dense, the way the buildings are crammed together, and there was absolutely NO parking on the street.  Luckily, we found a lot near the place we were staying (thanks Renee!).  As we didn’t have to play until the next night, we used this night to drink and eat (Mexican food in the Mission district).  Band friend Joe Varela met up with us later on and took us on an adventure to the Castro and to the Q Club as well as a karaoke bar to end the night.

The next day was started at a sweet coffee shop that played our music over their stereo!  We then went shopping and thrifting with Renee’s wonderful roommate Sara.  That afternoon we made our way down to Pier 39 by way of the BART (awesome metro) and hit up the shops and food down there.  Exhausted from all the walking and sunshine, we finally made our way to our next show at the Grant & Green bar.  Though we played with the lovely Ash Reiter, one band didn’t show up, and we ended up playing for a small handful of people.  It was a little disheartening after the success of the first shows in the northwest, but we were totally prepared for it.  We at least made enough for some gas, as we were headed down to Los Angeles the next day.

Benjamin Jorgens ready to embark on a journey

We were a little apprehensive about the traffic in the LA area, and sure enough, the highways were jam packed even after rush hour.  Luckily, we knew how to man-handle the traffic with our trusty trailer and didn’t run into too many problems.  We arrived at Café Cordiale in Sherman Oaks with plenty of time to spare for a grocery trip and dinner in the car.  This gig ended up being very special; fancy venue, black widow spider by the trailer, great opening acts (the amazing Bryan Conner and Randy Coleman), and an attentive audience, which just happened to include Katherine McPhee and Jean Hale!  So after receiving a very warm and motivating response, we finally made our way to a house in Long Beach, which our friend Billy helped set us up with.  There, the wonderfully hospitable David greeted us and helped us settle in.

The next day was glorious.  We spent it at a fine coffee shop, getting nails done (Caroline only!) lounging at the beach, eating some great Mexican food, and napping!  Best day ever.

However, the day wasn’t over yet.  That night we made our way to West Hollywood, to the land of celebrities, the center of the entertainment universe, Sunset Blvd. and more precisely, the Viper Room Lounge.

It was definitely way cool driving by so many famous sights.  The toughest part was finding parking, so we settled for a lot right next to the venue and paid 20 bucks.  Oh well… The lounge itself was TINY.  If you’ve seen the Baby Bar in Spokane, think that, but SMALLER.  We set up in a corner with half a drum set and rocked it.  The earlier acts were great and seemed to have a great crowd, but in between acts, the room cleared out.  Once we started jamming, some more people came back in, but it never got as packed as it was.  One highlight was seeing a familiar face in Allen Stone – he’s got some sweet tunes, so check him out!  Anyway, the way this gig worked was that we needed to bring a certain number of people in that verbally said they were there to see us; if not, we had to PAY for each person not in attendance to see us.  Allen was our only fan that night, so that meant a lot.  And LUCKILY, Donovan, the rad dude that booked the gig for us was very kind and let us get away without losing any money!  Hooray!

The next couple days marked the last of our tour, and we had a LOT of driving to do.

We made the long drive to Sacramento the next day after another night in Long Beach.  We were looking forward to Sacramento because many of us had family there, even family we hadn’t met before.  Patrick’s Aunt lives there, so his mother flew down for the show.  Caroline met an aunt as well, and Brandon has a brother in Chico.  The venue, Luna’s Café, was a cute little place, and we had it packed with family and some new fans.  After a great show, Brandon got to go stay with his family, while the rest of the troupe got to stay with Patrick’s aunt.  The visit was short though, as we had the longest drive ahead of us in the morning.

We all got up early for the 10 hour drive to Portland.  By now, this driving thing had become so routine and normal that the car rides didn’t seem that bad.  We made minimal stops and made it to Portland with half an hour to spare to play our last show of the tour at the Ash St. Saloon downtown.  All I have to say is, we love Portland.  Once again, we had a great crowd and played with some more amazing bands (The Lion the Tamer, Lee Corey Oswald, and our friends in And I Was Like What).  The sound was great,  response was great, and the food wasn’t too shabby either 🙂  It was agreed by all of us that this last show was our greatest set of the tour.  So much energy and chemistry, just how we like it! Afterwards, we made our way once again to Ryan, Katie, and Madalynn’s for one more night.

Sunday marked our very last day and last long drive home to Spokane.  Unfortunately we had to leave Kurt behind in Portland for a poetry slam tournament.  For us, this was a big loss for our road trip mojo, though it did allow more room in the Rav4.  In the end, everyone arrived home safely and we ended the tour on a good note, feeling good about things.  We definitely want to do this again at some point, but we don’t know when… for now though, we’re keeping VERY busy with things like ZOLA every Monday again (!!), weddings, Pig Out in the Park, the Interstate Fair, and plenty of other gigs here and there.  We’ll keep you updated!  And thanks for sticking around and reading all of this if you made it through 🙂

Lots of love,

Patrick, Caroline, Kurt, Brandon, and Svenjamin!

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TOUR: Days 1 – 5

WHERE: Seattle & Portland

It says a lot when you can spend 8 hours in a car with 5 people and not get sick of each other. It says a lot more when you plan on spending two weeks with these 5 people, non-stop, and KNOW you’ll still get along by the time you get home.

Tour thus far has been fantastic. Seattle shows at the High Dive and the Hot Topic in the Alderwood mall were great. We played with the superb Lemolo and Paper Astronomer Wednesday night at the High Dive. Everyone in MC agreed that we got damn lucky to have such great acts to kick-start the tour. I highly recommend you check them out, and try to catch any one of their shows if you ever have the chance. We also want to applaud the sound guy (sorry, your name has slipped us!) at the High Dive. Your title holds true! I hope we get to play there again 🙂

I think the boys are still drooling  over Kory Kruckenberg’s house, bless him for letting us stay for two nights in a row! Best breakfast place: Patty’s Egg Nest!

Both Hot Topic gigs, one in Seattle at the Alderwood Mall, and one in Portland at the Klakamas Mall, were a success. We sold some merch, took photos with fun people, and even got to see sweet Madalynn and Katie at the Portland show! No matter how much people laughed at us for playing in a mall, the fact of the matter was that we made gas money and some new fans! Mission accomplished 🙂

The Alberta St. Pub (our early 6:30 show, right after a little Chipotle) was the ideal venue. The accoustics were warm and inviting, the church pews for seating were fun (and ironic: church pews in a bar?!) and a lot of our friends and family showed up to support us! I finally felt at home at this venue, and we played our hearts out. Of course, afterward, we had to walk across the street to go eat GOURMET grilled cheese sandwiches on an old school bus… can you say amazing!? (photos to come, I forgot to bring my cord to plug in the camera to the computer!) And how nice was it to shower that night for the first time in 3 days, boys?! Haha. Katie, Madalynn and Ryan: YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO US! They put us up in Aerobeds, gave us clean towels, kept us entertained, and let us crash two nights in a row at their place. (So far, tonight is the ONLY night on the entire tour that we will have to pay for a hotel room!) And how could we NOT love Madalynn; singing all of our songs and constantly requesting “Carorine’s Song”… we were smitten 🙂 OH! And if you’re ever in Portland, you would be doing yourself a favor if you stopped in to the Kennedy School for some drinks. I simply cannot explain the glory of it, you have to see it for yourself! And eat at the Chez Machin Creperie: DELICIOUS to the max!

Now we’re ending day 5: an 8.5 hour drive from Portland to Eureka (the 101 is AMAZING), driving through part of the Redwood Forest, stopping at a random beach to chase the waves and finally arriving at our hotel to relax and gear up for the rest of the drive (and a “tourist” stop at the tree you can drive through) to SanFrancisco tomorrow!

This trip really has been a treat. ESPECIALLY with having Benjamin Jorgens on board with us. He makes loading and un-loading so much easier, and it’s a bonus he looks handsome in our t-shirt 🙂 Really though,  all 5 of us in a Rav4… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SanFrancisco: We’ll see you Tuesday at the Grant & Green!

Sherman Oaks: We’ll see you Wednesday at the Cordiale Cafe!

LA: We’ll see you Thursday at the Viper Room!

Sacramento: We’ll see you Friday at Luna’s Cafe!

Portland (again!): We’ll see you Saturday night at the Ash St. Saloon!

High fives all around!



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