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TOUR – DAY 2 – Boise, Idaho @ The District Coffee House

HIGHLIGHTS: Playing at one of the coolest coffee houses we’ve ever been to (check it out, seriously: The District Coffee House in Boise, ID); Eating the best breakfast burritos ever, at said coffee house; BarDeNay – coolest bar, attended by the coolest people (Brian and Sara!) who paid for our drinks and shots of whisky; Learning how to correctly pronounce Bulleit; being convinced that the redhead sitting across from us was Bryce Dallas Howard (think Victoria from Twilight, Lady in the Water etc.); Playing another awesome set, in a cool environment, with a neat backdrop, getting all intimate with the crowd (that’s how we like it)!

So, after picking up our new tour manager in Lewiston (who did indeed drop everything for the week to travel the rest of the way with us, then proceeded to buy us PBR!) we drove the scenic 6 hour drive to Boise, Idaho. Though we had heard the city itself was a flat place, you wouldn’t know it by the mountainous, gorgeous drive.

Arriving in Boise around 6PM, we called up Noah Beumer who booked us at The District Coffee House close to the heart of downtown. He is literally the nicest guy with quite possibly the best mustache…ever. Even better is the fact that all of his time spent at the Coffee House is volunteered, as is such with all employees who work there. It’s a non-profit coffee house, providing live music, amazing food, great coffee, and a posh place to sit and enjoy yourself, all the while donating any extra money left over from bills to charity (read about the place and it’s mission HERE: http://www.districtcoffeehouse.com/). Already feeling good vibes, we set up, sound checked, then went to check into our cheap hotel room at the Red Lion (all thanks to Caroline’s husband Jimmy, we got a friends and family discount in a hotel that was supposedly “full”… gotta love it when people pull strings for us!). We then proceeded to drink a PBR before heading back to the coffee house to enjoy the local opener: Michael Gill (who sang with a lot of heart and played a really great set!). Surprisingly, everyone he brought stayed to watch us play too, and they were an awesome crowd! They sang along, had really good hand-clapping techniques, and even bought CDs! It really was a good, intimate set, and everyone was just so gracious and thankful after the show. That’s the best feeling, when people aren’t afraid to approach you and talk to you after a set, let alone go as far as to invite us out to one of the best bars in town (BarDeNay) which we all didn’t know also existed in Coeur d’Alene?! Awesome, Boise, just awesome 🙂

Check out a video from the show, already posted by a fan! Thanks!!!

I don’t think we got back to the hotel room until 1 am, where the boys then proceeded to have another PBR and express their brotherly love for each other, and Caroline just went to sleep. Perfect second day? I think yes.

Salt Lake City, see you tomorrow!!!

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